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Proov Predict & Confirm™ Kit


The Perfect Hormone Tracking Pair

Our two popular hormone tracking products in one easy-to-use, at-home test kit! Scan your results with the free Proov Insight app to get lab-quality numerical results right on your phone, with no need to buy an extra monitoring device.

Use Proov Predict LH tests to identify your most fertile window, then follow up with Proov Confirm PdG tests to understand ovulation quality. A clinical study shows that elevated PdG on specific days after suspected ovulation (during the implantation window) is associated with a 92% chance of successful pregnancy, compared to only a 19% chance in those with lower PdG levels.

  • Get numerical results in 10 minutes with the free Proov Insight app
  • Includes the only FDA-cleared PdG test
  • Features Proov’s exclusive and patented PdG testing method
  • FSA/HSA Approved
  • Meets FDA Standards
Fulfilled by our friends at Proov

About the Brand

Proov exists to unleash the power of the menstrual cycle and reproductive hormones, inspiring women to live and feel their best. Because, we believe that women are innately powerful. And, with the right data they are unstoppable.

That's why our promise is to provide tools that translate what your hormones are trying to tell you — to put the power of wellness back in your hands.

We'll be here for you every step of the way.