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There’s so much to learn in new motherhoodp4O1aH8C2ynB87ST9
❗️Third party testing❗️
It’s time to start talking about STIs, periods, birth control, low sex drive, vulvo-vaginal health
More and more, donor eggs are becoming a normalized part of the fertility conversation. 👏🏻
When “wellness” becomes overwhelming, remember this:
Low sex drive is not just a nuisance
Read more about how Taylor Swift & Lady Gaga are using their influence to speak up...
I get asked this question more than any other!!
Did you know there is a game-changing new option to support your gut health and microbiome?
Consider this your friendly reminder that all bodies are summer bodies 🫶🍉👙🍦⛱️
Synbiotic+ by @ritual
More than 1 million STIs are acquired every day
I can’t be the only one suffering from the period butt pains, right??? 😫
Happy Pride Month! 🏳️‍🌈🫶
Not me blacking out the minute I enter the exam room 🙃😭😵‍💫
💜 @holdingboth
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