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If you’re TTC and you’ve made the decision to seek out a fertility clinic, where do you even start?
Tune in now!
Sending love to all those that thought things would be different 🫶
Yeast infections can be so annoying and painful
Fact: I was a late bloomer. I really didn’t find my “people” til college!
When it comes to our reproductive health, hindsight is often 20/20.
From PCOS to preventative health, visit to learn more. 🫶
*Lets out a huge sigh of relief* 💨
Send this to someone who could use a little extra love today🤍
It’s National Black Women Physicians’ Day.
Your social anxiety likes to make a lot of decisions for you.
The full backstory to my egg freezing journey
Cycle tracking is better than not knowing how your body works 💁🏻‍♀️
Regular Pap smears are our best defense at preventing cervical cancer or finding it early.
Have you ever felt like you could NEVER lose weight eating more than 1100-1200 calories?
Starting therapy can be scary. Starting therapy from your living room is a little less scary.
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