MyVitro Essential IVF Support Kit Plus MyVitro Essential IVF Support Kit Plus MyVitro Essential IVF Support Kit Plus fertility affirmation card MyVitro Essential IVF Support Kit Plus ttc bandages MyVitro Essential IVF Support Kit Plus injection trainer

MyVitro Essential IVF Support Kit Plus


MyVitro Essential IVF Support Kit PLUS is exclusively available at Rescripted!

Receiving that big box of fertility medications is overwhelming.

The Essential IVF Support Kit helps you feel in control of your fertility treatments by organizing your medications and other supplies. 

Kit Includes

Fertility Caddy

  • 2 fold out trays and a roomy bottom section for quick visibility of medications and supplies
  • Up to 9 adjustable compartments allow you to customize each tray to your specific protocol
  • Exterior latch keeps contents secure and allows for discreet storage when not in use
  • Folding handle allows for easy portability
  • A note about Protocols: Some protocols require more medications than others. It is unlikely the Caddy will hold the entire volume of medication for the full duration of your cycle. Organize your supplies and meds and then replenish as needed!

Shot Station

  • An injection prep workstation covered with a wipeable medical-grade fabric. This allows you to prepare your injections on a non-slip surface to keep needles from rolling around.
  • Clear coated calendar holder is on the reverse side, to view your treatment plans at-a-glance. Keep the paperwork from your doctor clean and visible.

Travel Case

  • Take just what you need, securely, on short trips. Small enough to fit in a purse for a day out.
  • Mobile work surface for injection prep on your lap, in the car, or in a bathroom.
  • Elastic loops for secure access to needles, medications, and injectable pens.
  • Clear pocket for visibility and a quick inventory of supplies.

Slim Fridge Box

  • Designed to discreetly stow your cold-storage medications in the refrigerator.
  • Solid sides keep the medications out of view, with an opaque lid to quickly assess your current inventory when needed. The box easily fits in most refrigerators.
  • The "MyVitro" logo is an applied decal that can be removed if you desire complete discretion.
  • Available in two colors, Blush or White, selected at checkout.

Plush Hot + Cold Pack (2 included)

  • Aqua bead gel therapy pack is filled with beads that stay hot or cold.
  • Heat in microwave for 15 seconds or freeze for at least 2 hours. Instructions included under elastic strap.
  • One side is covered with an ultra-soft, plush material.
  • Simply slip a hand under the elastic strap on the plush side to hold the pack in place.

TTC Bandages

  • 40 round adhesive bandages for injection sites, blood draws and needle pricks.
  • Each adhesive bandage includes a cotton pad and is latex free.

Injection Trainer

  • Reusable injection training pad to practice using needles before you start giving yourself or a loved one.

Fertility Affirmation Card

  • Fertility affirmation card from Conceivable Designs® helps you mindfully navigate the ups and downs of fertility treatments.

Shipping and Handling

  • Shipping to US locations only via UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail
  • Ground Shipping is Estimated at 5 days or less for Continental US, Hawaii, Alaska and US territories.
  • We use USPS Priority Mail estimated at 7-13 days for military APO/FPO/DPO locations.

In the middle of my second round of IVF, I got MAD. Mad that I had spent thousands of dollars on expensive fertility medications, and yet I couldn’t buy a single product dedicated to help me organize them. That’s why I started MyVitro. —Danielle Hall, Founder

    About the Brand

    In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is more common than many realize—there were 284,385 cycles in the U.S in 2017 alone. Thousands of dollars worth of drugs, needles, pens, and supplies arrived on our doorstep prior to our fertility treatment. Our first reaction was “what are we supposed to do with all of this?” We ended up storing  everything inside an old clothes hamper! With thousands of products on the market to help organize every other aspect of our lives, why wasn’t there something specific for fertility treatments? That’s when we had the idea for our IVF Organizer, which we developed and now  provide with other accessories to our customers.