Melting Lip Powder



Our innovative Melting Lip Powder transforms pigmented powder into a long-wearing lip tint with a deep, matte finish. Effortlessly apply these six wearable shades as a light, the natural sheen of color on your lips, eyes, and cheeks, or layer for a bolder look. 

  • Can be used on eyes, lips & cheeks
  • Innovative powder-to-tint formula offers long-lasting wear
  • Offers a matte finish without over drying
    Paraben-free ・ Phthalate-free ・ Gluten-free ・ Cruelty-free ・ Vegan・ Recyclable Packaging

    How To Use:

    For drier lips, prep & prime with a hydrating moisturizer for easier application.

    1. Using the included lip applicator, fingertips, or makeup brush, apply Melting Lip Powder directly onto the desired area.
    2. Once friction is applied, the powder will dissolve into a long-lasting tint. All colors can be mixed together and/or layered to create your own customized shade and can be used on lips, eyes, and cheeks.
    3. The first initial applications of the Melting Lip Powder will release powder fallouts. After a few uses, the encapsulated essence will release, effectively “melting” the powder and making it easier to apply without losing any product.


    • Mix with other Melting Lip Powder shades to create your own custom shade!
    • Mix Melting Lip Powder with Essence Moonlighter Cushion to create a shimmery blush.
    • Blend with your CCC Cream shade to create a soft, natural blush. 
    • Apply Melting Lip Powder to your eyes, lips, and cheeks for a monochrome look.

    Weight 0.07 oz
    Dimension 1 x 1 x 3 in

    Please Note** Our formulations are updated from time to time as part of the brand’s commitment to constantly improve the quality of each product. If you have any suggestions and/or comments on any of our formulations, feel free to reach out to us at We’d love to hear from you!

    Fulfilled by our friends at CLE Cosmetics


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