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Follistim contains a synthetic (meaning laboratory synthesized) follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and is given to you for the purpose of stimulating your ovaries to produce more eggs than they do...


Step 1: Gather your supplies, and wash your hands

1 minutes

  1. You will need: Follistim Pen, AQ cartridge, unopened needle from the kit, alcohol pads and a sharps disposal.
Step 2: Prep the pen

1 minutes

  1. Pull the pen out of the kit and take navy blue cap off. Next, twist the yellow part off so the pen is in two pieces.
  2. Take out a cartridge and load it into the blue part with the silver bit pointing out. Then twist the yellow cap back on over the cartridge.
Step 3: Dial your dose

2 minutes

  1. Use the knob on the end of the pen to move the dial on the side of the pen until it reads the dose prescribed by your doctor. If you over turn the dial, do not try to back up. Keep turning the dial until it won't turn anymore and you feel the plunger release. Push the injection button, and the dial should return to zero.
  2. Take note of how much medication you have left in your cartridge. If you don't have enough for your whole dose, insert another cartridge after your first injection and do a second one with the remaining dosage.
Step 4: Pick your injection site

1 minutes

  1. Measure 1-2 inches below your belly button and off to the right or left. Switch sides with each injection to help relieve any tenderness that develops. Using an alcohol wipe, wipe off your chosen spot and let it air dry.
Step 5: Administer the injection

1 minutes

  1. Using your thumb and index finger of one hand, take a pinch of skin at your chosen spot. Using the other hand, hold the pen at a perpendicular angle to your belly. When ready, confidently and firmly push the needle into your stomach all the way.
  2. Press the injection button all the way down and hold for 5 seconds. Still holding the injection button, pull the needle out. You can apply pressure to the injection site and lightly massage the area.
  3. Remove your used needle and dispose of it in your sharps container. You did it!