As a child, I always had painful periods, but only on the days when I had my menstruation. Over the years (since I was about 15), the situation worsened, and the pain extended throughout the entire month. I went to the family doctor, who is also a gynecologist, several times, but for two years, he only tried to prescribe increasingly stronger painkillers that didn't work. The only solution he offered was contraceptive pills, which didn't resolve anything. After two years, he finally arranged a gynecological examination, and the specialist he recommended suspected endometriosis. When I returned with the results, my family doctor dismissed it, stating it didn't make sense for me to undergo further examinations. Frustrated, I privately booked a visit to an endometriosis specialized center, paying a significant amount. At the end of the examination, they confirmed I had endometriosis, adenomyosis, pelvic varicocele, along with muscle contractions due to the constant pain. While the diagnosis was shocking, it provided answers. I've been seeking the right treatment to address issues with my intestines, bladder, etc. Following people on Instagram who share their experiences helps to feel less alone and more understood. So, thank you.

P.S. Surround yourselves with supportive people; I feel fortunate to have a boyfriend who, while he can't fully understand, is always by my side. I wish you all find someone like him.

P.P.S. I wouldn't have known what to attach as a photo, so I uploaded a picture of what supports me the most throughout the day.


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