It’s no secret that medical costs in the United States are nothing close to ideal. In fact, just the cost of fertility treatments can be enough to deter prospective parents from pursuing their family-planning dreams. 

While more affordable pricing is probably enough for anyone to consider traveling for fertility treatments, you might find that choosing a clinic outside of the U.S. is the right choice for you regardless of the price point. 

One such treatment center, Fertilidad Integral, for example, has so much to offer its patients. From their integrated wellness offerings to their expert clinical staff, the team at Fertilidad Integral is more than equipped to help you start your family safely, comfortably, and affordably. 

Considering traveling abroad for fertility treatments? 

Below we’ve spotlighted a few reasons why you may want to consider traveling for fertility treatments. 

couple traveling for fertility treatment

1. Affordable pricing

Whether you are at the start of your fertility journey or already in the throes of it, cost and budgeting are most likely at the forefront of your plans. 

Once you’ve earmarked your budget, you will want to find a care team that supports all parts of your health at an affordable, transparent price like Fertilidad Integral, which lists all of their prices on their website. 

To help put U.S. cost comparisons in perspective, let’s look at a few of Fertilidad’s offered services and incredible rates to show just how big a difference traveling for fertility treatments can make. 

Here in the U.S., a round of IVF will cost you, on average — and this will drastically vary depending on where you live — anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000. At Fertilidad Integral, an in vitro fertilization cycle costs approximately $5,805 USD. While this price does not include the cost of medications, it does include: 

  • Monitoring appointments

  • Ovarian stimulation

  • Egg retrieval and fertilization

  • Embryo transfer

  • Vitrification

  • ICSI

  • One year of embryo storage

  • Two wellness sessions (nutrition, psychology, acupuncture)

If you choose to pursue egg freezing instead, it will cost roughly $4,535 USD and includes monitoring appointments, retrieving procedures with anesthesia, vitrification, and one year of egg storage. Again, this price does not include medications. 

Here is a look at Fertilidad’s other services and their approximate prices in USD:

  • Fertility Assessment: $90

  • Intrauterine insemination: $1,215

  • Vitrified embryo transfer: $2,060

  • Frozen egg fertilization and transfer: $2,695

  • Embryo freezing: $5,170

  • Sperm freezing: $590

  • Nutritional counseling: $65

  • Emotional support: $65

  • Acupuncture session: $70

For the month of November, these already affordable prices are reduced even more with 50% off initial consultations and 20% off treatments using the code RESCRIPTED20, which is an incredible opportunity! 

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2. Wellness offerings

Whether you’re navigating infertility or egg-freezing, so much of your energy goes to your physical health and funding treatment. Choosing an integrated fertility clinic can help you focus more on the bigger picture of you and your overall health and wellness. 

After all, fertility care encompasses more than just a medical procedure; it is a profound and deeply personal human journey. 

As a part of Fertilidad’s’ core offerings, you can choose two out of four different wellness options: 

  • Psychological Therapy: A professional will accompany you through the emotionally challenging journey of fertility treatments. You can even choose to do this with your partner! 

  • Nutrition: Adopting a fertility-supportive diet can enhance the quality of your eggs, alleviate inflammation associated with treatment, and significantly increase your chances of treatment success. Nutrition experts can help you figure out the right plan for you!

  • Acupuncture: Science has shown that this traditional Chinese technique, which involves stimulating key points on your body with needles, can be helpful during a fertility preservation treatment.

  • Massage: Taking care of yourself also means prioritizing your peace and relaxation. Massage can enhance blood circulation, reduce anxiety, and support hormonal balancer throughout your fertility treatment. It also, obviously, can help you relax and release tension.

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There, you will never be just a patient under a microscope, as they are a center that prioritizes care, growth, and dedicated attention to your unique and individual needs.

3. Expert clinical staff

When choosing a fertility clinic, you will most likely prioritize a team of experts and a facility that boasts state-of-the-art technology. You will want an experienced team that is focused solely on your care.  

Fertilidad Integral’s team of fertility specialists is recognized for their exceptional expertise and extensive experience in assisted reproductive technologies. In addition, from precise temperature control to monitored low-oxygen incubators for optimal embryo development to RI Witness for maximum safety throughout the process, their modern fertility center offers cutting-edge reproductive technology and state-of-the-art facilities, increasing your chances of success.  

Investing in a clinic with the best technology is investing in your own fertility journey. After all, life begins there! 

group of five fertility specialists

4. A new beginning

Maybe this isn’t your first time going through fertility treatments. Maybe you’ve done it before and feel both emotionally and financially depleted. Maybe you are looking for a fresh start. If that describes you, traveling for fertility treatments might just be the new beginning you’re looking for. You can even bring your friends along for the ride! 

Every fertility journey is unique, and no one can tell you what your next steps should be, but one definitive is that choosing a clinic that feels right for you is a crucial first step. A place like Fertilidad Integral will prioritize not only your physical fertility journey but your well-being as a whole. And that is priceless.

Brighid Flynn is a freelance writer based in Philadelphia where she lives with her husband and puppy. She is just beginning her journey toward motherhood.