Figuring out how to pay for costly fertility treatments like IUI and IVF can be incredibly stressful. In fact, for the vast majority of fertility patients without insurance coverage for infertility, it can be a huge barrier to becoming a parent. 

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with The Fertility Finance Coach Devon Baeza for a Q&A, during which she shared her top tips for how to make more, spend less, save on fertility meds and services, and manifest help from unexpected places to help fund your fertility journey. You won’t want to miss out on this advice, so keep reading!

KRISTYN HODGDON: Devon, tell us your fertility finance secrets! What are some questions that fertility patients absolutely need to ask their fertility clinics before starting treatment and paying for medication?

DEVON BAEZA: The very first question is to ask if the consultation is free. If it's not, will they put the cost of it as a credit towards future services?

Next, make sure they are upfront about their pricing. Although some variables are impossible to predict, they should have a price sheet and be able to give you a range of what to expect. If a clinic seems hesitant to share, run in the other direction.

I would also ask about how they bill insurance for underlying conditions. Even if you don't have fertility coverage benefits, treatment of conditions contributing to/causing infertility might be covered. For instance, because of my Endometriosis, all of my ultrasounds for monitoring were covered. We also had benefits for blood draws and semen analysis because of the "creative" billing. 

A question everyone needs to ask is, "How can I lower my costs?” For example, Do they have a donated med program? Do they have information on manufacturer discount programs? What about any upcoming clinical trials?

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KRISTYN: Should patients settle on the first price their fertility clinic gives them?

DEVON: It's hard to negotiate a better rate at an initial consultation. Your best bet for getting a good price BEFORE you get treatment at a clinic is to shop around. Compare prices, have a few consultations, and pick the clinic that feels like the best fit. After all, price should NOT be your top consideration when choosing a clinic. If the clinic you like doesn't come in at the lowest price, let them know what you've been quoted elsewhere. Some clinics will price match even though they don't advertise it, or at least be more likely to discount services to stay competitive.

If you have been with the clinic for a while, and they are a genuine and empathic team, they are more likely to work with you on price. After all, you have spent a lot of time and money there and they are invested in your success as well. Be your own advocate and ask “What can you do for me? I’d like to continue treatment here, but I can’t at that price."

KRISTYN: I know there are many, but what is your #1 tip for couples who are looking to save money for fertility treatments such as IVF?

DEVON: If I had to pick an overall message, it would be "Hold the vision, trust the process.” It is completely possible to pay for treatment out of pocket, no matter what your financial situation is. So don't lose hope, but have a plan.

If I had to pick one tangible tip, it would be to have a visual savings tool. You can make your own or print mine off for free by signing up at They work on a lot of different levels psychologically.

Stating your goal in writing makes it real.

Coloring in the pyramid with each dollar you save gives your brain a quick "win". The process starts to reprogram the reward center in your brain to choose saving money over the instant gratification of a small purchase. 

Placing it somewhere you will see it multiple times a day reinforces what matters most and removes competing priorities.

Being clear about the EXACT amount and date to have it by works on manifesting what you desire most. It’s like putting in your order to the Universe! I love seeing what crazy fun things start to happen for clients when they add the manifesting piece. 

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KRISTYN: On a personal note, how did you and your husband successfully save up for IVF, and how did it inspire your career as a fertility finance coach?

DEVON: Oh man, I could write a book about all of the things we did! But what it boils down to is that we took radical steps to save money, found creative ways to make more, and started using the law of attraction to manifest some help. 

There is a simple 10 step process I teach to meet any money goal based on what I’ve seen work for us and so many others. The amazing thing about the financial skills you gain during this “trying time” (pun intended) is that you can use them again and again to reach every goal. After we paid for $30K worth of treatment and had a successful IVF cycle, we realized the power in what we had done. We then used the same process to pay off $50K worth of debt in 18 months, and have used it for every large purchase since. 

I know it’s hard when you are in the middle of treatment, overwhelmed, and stressed to the max financially. I promise you, it won’t always be this hard. Hang in there! It’s not over until you say so. Don’t let money stop you from pursuing parenthood.

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Devon Baeza is an infertility warrior turned Fertility Finance Coach who helps women struggling through infertility to make, save, and manifest money to pay for fertility treatments such as IUI and IVF. You can check out her website here.