Hi! My name is Daria! First of all sorry if I make some mistakes but I’m Italian and I’m trying my best!

My journey started at the early age of 9 years old when I had my first period. It began already very painful and nobody knew why. 

I couldn’t go to school, I couldn’t walk and for everyone it was normal. Each doctor said that I was looking for attention, every woman suffers during the period. My mother took me everywhere until the depression started at 18, I couldn’t handle anymore. 

I couldn’t handle the doctors telling me I was being exaggerated when the pain was real as well as days in hospital with IVs. I couldn’t handle the doctors telling me I was crazy, that this kind of pain so strong doesn’t exist, it was my head, “you’re young” they told me, “  go out, drink some wine” and I could go on forever.

The pain was too strong.. it’s too strong, but at the age of 22 yeas old an angel told me that I have endometriosis and that I must immediately operate especially bowel, that I risked everything. 

I went to surgery, he saved my head, my part of body. 

I’m not okay, probably I have to do another surgery and I’m scared, the PAIN IS REAL but we’re here for you all. 

I still have a lot of pain, a lot of migraines, I still vomits a lot, I’m always tired and my back and legs sometimes feels like that don’t want to work. And the nausea is always with me, since day 1.

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Endometriosis exists and you don’t have to be scared to ask for help. 

I’m still under antidepressants and I’m still scared of doctors, I don’t trust anybody but in a certain way we have to try to be strong. It’s not simple, I still can’t make this work out.

But I hope that together as a community we can do something to not make us feel lonely.