For most people who choose to pursue it, IVF is one of the biggest financial undertakings of their lives. Unfortunately, with the bulk of insurance plans in the United States still not offering coverage for IVF or other fertility treatments, out-of-pocket costs for patients can be daunting. Currently, only 20 states have passed laws requiring fertility insurance coverage, and of those states, only 14 specifically include IVF coverage. 

This leaves a large majority of IVF patients with no other option than to pay for their treatment out of pocket. When you’re already faced with both a medical and financial barrier between growing your family, the last thing you need is surprise costs associated with the process to set you back. 

So, how much does IVF really cost?

In order to be as prepared as possible for the actual costs of IVF and all that it entails, be sure to take these potential “hidden costs” into account:

1.  There Will Be Ongoing Storage Fees Involved 

Storage fees apply for sperm, eggs, and embryos–most of which are billed annually. Whether you are going through the egg freezing process, storing donor sperm or eggs, or have your own “embabies” on ice, storage fees can come as a surprise ranging anywhere from hundreds to upward of $1,000-2,000 annually. 

2. You’ll Have Separate Testing Costs and Lab Fees

In a perfect world, IVF would be a one-stop shop. Woefully, many testing costs and lab fees may be billed through different third-party establishments, so be prepared to receive separate bills for costs like bloodwork, lab tests, and more - especially during your initial diagnostic process. 

3. IVF Medication Costs Can Vary

Navigating the multitude of medications required for IVF can feel like a full-time job in and of itself. Without insurance coverage for these prescriptions, many IVF patients have to go through multiple specialty pharmacies in order to receive the best deals on medications, as infertility medications are notoriously expensive. This leaves patients with a heavy cost, of both finances and time spent on the phone. 

4. Infertility Healthcare Systems are Complex To Navigate On Your Own

Between your fertility clinic, testing labs, and the particularly tricky world of specialty pharmacies, the various costs of the infertility healthcare system can be complicated to maneuver all on your own. 

The great news is that you don’t have to do it solo. With resources like Future Family, a world of support is readily available. They offer premium fertility financing built just for you, and all of your treatment costs are covered under one plan, with one simple monthly payment including clinic procedures, lab work, medications, and more. 

But infertility is not just financially taxing; it’s physically and emotionally draining as well. That’s why Future Family provides all of their clients with a dedicated Fertility Coach, who is a Registered Nurse, as an added layer of support in addition to the medical team at your fertility clinic. From helping you prepare for all that’s ahead and answering questions to debriefing after doctor visits and coming up with a plan to handle the nerve-wracking wait for the final pregnancy test, the coaches at Future Family are all about assisting you with the personal side of fertility. 

Laura Weppler, BSN/RN, and Future Family’s Care Manager and Fertility Coach says it best: 

“All of the Fertility Coaches at Future Family are registered nurses with years of experience working in the fertility clinic setting. Our nurses are familiar with IVF pricing and can help you understand many of the complexities, especially around medication costs. Medications typically cost thousands of dollars. Fortunately, there are many discount programs available for patients, to help save on medications. Our nurses can provide information on all of the discount programs, potentially saving hundreds of dollars on your medication quotes.”

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5. Bills Can Come Months After Treatment

On top of navigating the seemingly countless separate entities involved in your treatment, one of the most surprising aspects of IVF for many is the arrival of unexpected bills. So many patients have had a perfectly normal day suddenly shaken by the arrival of a bill they weren’t anticipating, be it for anesthesia, a scan, or bloodwork.  

During a time in life when you want to be prepared for everything that life is throwing at you, the last thing anyone needs is the rude awakening of a lab testing or procedure bill from out of the blue, months after treatment. This is especially true if the treatment ended in heartbreak or loss. 

IVF Financing, All in One Place

If you're worried about the unexpected costs associated with IVF, Future Family offers an all-in-one fertility financing solution that allows you to work IVF into your monthly budget while also providing expert support via their Fertility Coaches, giving you more time to focus on your overall health and well-being.  

When going through the already strenuous IVF process, you deserve to be able to focus on your treatment instead of worrying about wading through financial complications. Keep these hidden costs in mind, and remember that you’re worthy of support throughout your journey. If you want a simple way to put your mind at ease surrounding these hidden costs while paying for IVF, consider Future Family to take the stress out of fertility finances.

Lindsey Williams is a library worker and writer who lives in Arizona with her husband and their dog, Peaches. After 5 years of trying to conceive with dual-factor infertility, she is currently expecting her first child conceived with the help of IVF.