If you’re reading this, then you probably know that getting pregnant isn’t always as easy as we were told it would be in middle school Sex Ed class. Not only that, the fertility treatments that are often needed when pregnancy doesn’t come easily can be extremely cost-prohibitive

Currently, only 20 states offer some type of mandated fertility coverage, which means they’ve passed laws that hold private insurance responsible for either covering or offering some variation of fertility testing, diagnosis, or treatment. But not all mandated fertility coverage is created equal, as these states are able to define “fertility coverage” however they deem fit.  

While many employer-sponsored health insurance plans cover some kind of infertility treatment, most are not comprehensive enough to cover all of the different treatment options and procedures their employees may need on their journey to grow their families.

For those paying for most or all of their treatments out-of-pocket, one consideration is to look for a job at a company that offers generous fertility benefits to their employees. Here are 15 companies that put other businesses to shame when it comes to covering IUI, IVF, and more. 

Companies that offer fertility coverage

1. Starbucks

In October of 2019, Starbucks announced that their benefits had been enhanced, including financial support for IVF, surrogacy, and adoption. The cool thing is that even some part-time individuals are eligible for these benefits! 

The details:

  • $25,000 for IVF 

  • $10,000 for IVF-related medications (per qualifying event)

  • $10,000 for surrogacy and adoption

2. Walmart

As of September 2022, Walmart has partnered with Kindbody to provide fertility and family-building benefits to their employees all over the U.S. Walmart employees now have access to over 30 Kindbody clinics nationwide along with their great IVF, surrogacy, and adoption financial benefits. Also, all full-time employees can take advantage of 16 weeks of paid time off for birth parents and six weeks of paid parental leave for all new parents, including adoption and foster care.

The details:

  • $20,000 for IVF, surrogacy, and adoption

  • $10,000 for IVF-related medications (per qualifying event)

3. Adobe

Adobe employees have significant access to infertility treatment. Some of these treatments include artificial insemination, IVF, various tests and medicines, and the freezing and storage of sperm, eggs, and embryos.

The details:

  • Pre-certified fertility services are covered at 80-90% after the deductible is met.

  • $60,000 in lifetime payout for fertility services

4. American Express

Employees of American Express are reimbursed for adoption, surrogacy, and fertility treatments. They also have a really nice, 20-week paid parental leave policy. 

The details:

  • $35,000 in adoption or surrogacy expenses

  • $35,000 for reproductive and fertility treatments

  • $30,000 for IVF treatments

5. Bain and Company

Not only does Bain and Company offer IVF treatment coverage, but the dollar amount is unlimited! New parents from all different family-building journeys are also able to take advantage of 21 weeks of paid parental leave. 

The details:

  • Lifetime IVF coverage is unlimited

6. Bank of America

Bank of America employees have a wide variety of health and quality of life benefits. Not only are counseling and Teladoc services available, employees also receive family planning reimbursement and a support program that includes digital educational resources as well as a personal care concierge for 12 months after their child is born or placed in their home.

The details:

  • $20,000 for adoption, fertility, and surrogacy.

7. Chanel

Chanel is one of the only companies in the fashion industry offering fertility benefits to its employees. Talk about a trendsetter! 

The details:

  • Unlimited coverage for IVF treatments

  • There are limits to necessary medications, however, but limits vary

8. Chobani

Chobani claims that family has been integral to their brand from the very beginning, so it makes sense that they offer fertility and parental leave benefits. 

The details:

  • Up to three rounds of IVF

  • Coverage for fertility preservation

9. Gusto

Gusto was the first company of its size in the U.S. to extend fertility benefits to its LGBTQ+ employees. Another great thing about Gusto’s reproductive benefits is that they cover fertility treatments for all employees, regardless of whether or not they have been medically diagnosed with infertility.

The details:

  • Up to $20,000 for fertility procedures

10. Google

Often known for its unique work environment and generous benefits, it’s not surprising that Google’s benefits include reproductive healthcare. Alongside fertility treatment packages, Google also provides a lengthy parental leave policy and $500 in “Baby Bonding Bucks” that new parents can use to order take-out, pay for house cleaning, or even apply towards diapers. 

The details:

  • Multiple different fertility treatment bundles including egg freezing, fertility consultations, and access to great providers

  • Up to $75,000 in IVF benefits

11. Lowe’s Home Improvement

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Lowe’s Home Improvement is another company making waves in its industry when it comes to employee benefits. Their Fertility Benefits Center of Excellence provides employees with a variety of covered treatments. 

The details:

  • Up to $5,000 for adoption-related expenses

  • Unspecified coverage for IVF and fertility medications

12. Pinterest

At the end of 2021, Pinterest amped up the fertility and parental benefits available to their employees worldwide. On top of their wonderful fertility support, they also offer 20 weeks of paid time off to new parents.

The details:

  • Up to four rounds of IVF treatments

  • $20,000 for surrogacy assistance

  • $5,000 for adoption assistance

13. Spotify

If you’re looking for a company with all of the fertility and parenting bells and whistles, Spotify might be it. With unlimited IVF and PGT-testing coverage and six months of paid parental leave, employees at Spotify are well-supported while growing their families. 

The details:

  • Unlimited IVF cycles and PGS testing

14. The Walt Disney Company

While under fire for a few other things as of late, you can’t argue that Disney doesn’t support their employees who are growing their families. Disney offers family-building benefits, paid bonding leave, and backup childcare. 

The details:

  • $75,000 in fertility services, surrogacy, adoption, and egg and sperm freezing

15. Tesla

Just like Walmart, Tesla is partnered with Kindbody to provide fertility services to its employees. These services include treatments, preservation, medications, third-party services, adoption, and other network benefits. 

The details:

  • $40,000 for IVF, IUI, and egg/embryo/sperm preservation

  • $20,000 for fertility medications

  • $25,000 for donor and surrogacy services

  • $25,000 for eligible adoption services

Finding an employer with fertility benefits

With everything from egg freezing to non-traditional paths to parenthood on the rise, more companies than ever before are offering reproductive and family benefits to their employees. How do you know what kind of coverage a potential employer offers during the hiring process? Just ask! Are you working for a company that doesn’t provide fertility benefits? Let Human Resources know why this type of support is important to you and your colleagues. Be the change you want to see. Go get those benefits, friends! 

Kassi Strong is a writer and digital marketer who lives in Montana with her husband and son and their fluffy Great Pyrenees. She's passionate about helping women live the lives they dream of living and loves to create content that inspires them to do so. When she's not typing away at her laptop or color-coding her planner, she's likely trying a new DIY project, spending time in the mountains, or enjoying a local craft beer.