When you’re trying to conceive, the very act of intercourse can sometimes feel like a slog. The joy of sex sure can get lost when you’re thinking more about ovulation predictor kits than mutual pleasure. And if you’re undergoing fertility treatments, well, adding pills, injections, and medical procedures to the mix is hardly a recipe for fun. Especially if you’re hoping to get pregnant with twins.

Whether or not you’re TTC, one of the easiest ways to spice things up in the bedroom is by trying out different sex positions. This is a fantastic way to reclaim intimacy with your partner while also — hopefully! — making a baby. Getting frisky in new and exciting positions can only bring you closer, which is never a bad thing. But could certain sex positions also affect your chances of a twin pregnancy? 

Rescripted spoke with two sex experts — sexperts, if you will — on this topic, both of whom provided research-backed insights into the best ways to increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins. 

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Sexual position don't increase twin pregnancy odds

Unfortunately, sexual positions have no bearing on a twin pregnancy. “There is no scientific evidence supporting the idea that a particular sexual position can boost the chances of having twins,” says sexologist Rhiannon John. “Twins occur when a person releases two eggs (fraternal twins) or when a fertilized egg divides into two embryos (identical twins).”

There are some theories, however, that “suggest deeper penetration during intercourse may deposit sperm closer to the cervix, potentially increasing the chances of reaching an egg,” says Aliyah Moore, Ph.D., a certified sex therapist. This sort of deeper penetration can be achieved via certain sexual positions, but Dr. Moore is quick to emphasize that these theories “lack scientific consensus and may oversimplify the complex process of conception.” She too remains firmly in the same camp as John, stating that “there is no direct link between sex positions and the conception of twins.”

So if you and your partner are interested in changing things up in bed, here are some positions that might allow for deeper penetration (and more fun!), according to Dr. Moore. Remember, none of these positions will guarantee a twin pregnancy:

  • “Doggy style” – where the female is on all fours and her male partner enters from behind

  • “Missionary” – the female lies on her back, with her hips elevated, and the male partner is on top

  • “Spooning” – where both partners lie on their sides with the male partner positioned behind the female partner

  • “Standing up” – Dr. Moore says having intercourse while standing up offers the “potential for gravity to aid sperm in reaching the cervix” 

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What can increase the likelihood of getting pregnant with twins?

If you’re trying for a twin pregnancy, then you’ll want to focus more on genetics and ovulation timing instead of your sexual positions, says John. “Family history may play a significant role,” she continues, “especially if fraternal twins are on the maternal side.” Dr. Moore explains this factor further: “The tendency to release multiple eggs during ovulation, a key factor in fraternal twinning, can be hereditary.” Age is another potential factor: “Individuals over 30 are more likely to release more than one egg during ovulation, increasing the chance of conceiving fraternal twins,” says John. 

Race and ethnicity can also play a role in the increased likelihood of a twin pregnancy, as “women of African descent are more likely to conceive twins compared to women of Asian descent,” says Dr. Moore. “The reasons behind these ethnic variations are not fully understood but are believed to be linked to genetic and possibly environmental factors.”

Dr. Moore also highlights one’s nutritional status as a potential factor of twin pregnancy: “Women with a higher body mass index or BMI have been associated with an increased chance of having twins.” But she does point out that maintaining a well-balanced diet and good nutritional habits can “contribute to overall reproductive health and may influence hormonal levels, potentially leading to the release of more than one egg during ovulation.”

Finally, if you’re undergoing fertility treatments like in-vitro fertilization (IVF), and/or taking ovulation-stimulating medications like Clomid, the likelihood of multiple pregnancies is increased as well. Since these treatments “often involve the stimulation of the ovaries,” says Dr. Moore, they can lead to “the release of multiple eggs, which can result in the conception of fraternal twins.” 

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Keep your expectations reasonable

As much as people TTC will want to explore any option that just might increase their chances of getting pregnant — or even fulfill their dream of having twins — it’s critical to remember that sexual positions have zero connection to a twin pregnancy. If having twins is important to you, then make sure you’re discussing that desire with your physician. “Couples aspiring to conceive should focus on maintaining overall reproductive health, understanding menstrual cycles, and seeking guidance from healthcare professionals rather than relying solely on specific sexual positions,” advises Dr. Moore. 

But don’t let that stop you from experimenting with new positions in the bedroom just for the fun of it! 

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