I have always been a POAS addict (pee-on-a-stick addict). From the moment we decided we were trying, I bought pregnancy tests and ovulation sticks. I peed on something nearly every day for months and months. So when my doctor told me at my frozen embryo transfer that I had to wait ten days for my first beta HCG test results, I was less than thrilled. How was I supposed to survive the two-week wait again? 

Nathan and I decided that for our sanity, I would take home pregnancy tests beforehand. I wouldn’t expect to see a line until my first beta test at seven days past transfer. We agreed that seeing a negative test before my beta results wouldn’t cause anxiety or sadness. If it had, I would have Nathan hide all of the pregnancy tests.

kayla kohl in the fertility clinic holding an ultrasound picture

Three days after transferring my perfect adopted embryo, my donors and I were talking about when they first saw their two pink lines. I told them that I would test using some old cheapies I had leftover from years ago when we were still trying to conceive on our own. It was negative, which was to be expected. They suggested I use the First Response Early Pregnancy Test in the morning since they are so sensitive (sensitive enough to pick up 6 mIU/mL of HCG). 

That night in bed, I looked at Nathan and told him I was going to take a pregnancy test in the morning, and it would be positive. He laughed, “Absolutely, and if not, we still have twelve days until we get both beta test results back.”

In the morning, I popped out of bed. It was test time. Nathan smiled and wished me luck. I told him as soon as I had the stick I would come out and we would wait the three minutes out together. I tore into that foil package, read the instructions twice, and willed my bladder to be full. 

I put the test down as I washed my hands, and when I picked it up I saw a second line forming. I threw open the bedroom door with my mouth wide open. Nathan jumped out of bed, “No way! Already? Do you see two lines?” He grabbed the test, and we both stared. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, “It’s there, and it’s pink.” We hugged and laughed and cried.

kayla kohl in the fertility clinic holding a sign that says "It is transfer day!"

“BUT WHAT IF IT’S A FALSE POSITIVE?” I shouted. Nathan assured me it wasn’t and ran to get me a glass of water, “Drink up and take another one!” My bladder was still empty, but after chugging that water and sheer force of will, I was able to take a second test. 

Two pink lines.

We took the tests back to bed and laid there in a state of bliss and shock. My alarm went off to take my FET medications, and this time I danced over to the injection station. Nathan went to the kitchen and made me blueberry pancakes while I FaceTimed our parents. They were so excited. The look on my mom’s face, she was so confident like she just KNEW when I called her I was pregnant. Listening to the excitement in our families’ voices filled our hearts.

I took a picture of both tests and sent them to our Snowflake family. I was 4dp6dt (four days past a day 6 embryo transfer), and I was pregnant. We were all SO excited. Everyone started sharing their old pregnancy test pictures with how many days past transfer they were when they found out they were positive. It felt so GOOD to share in that happiness.

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The next day, I tested again. I used another First Response Early Result Test. My line looked a little darker, which I found comforting. I emailed our nurse and she told me that none of the IVF medications I was using would cause a false positive, “Urine pregnancy tests can still be inaccurate but it seems like good news!" she wrote. I was really excited. I decided I needed to get some different pregnancy test brands, just to be certain that my eyes weren’t deceiving me. I took a First Response Digital test when I got home that afternoon. Seeing that YES+ made me cry. I was really pregnant.

The next morning, I took a Clearblue rapid result test and saw the blue plus sign. I decided to take the ultimate test, a Clearblue Digital test. I was nervous, as the test requires 25 mIU/mL of HCG to register that you are pregnant. Within three minutes, PREGNANT flashed across the screen. I immediately texted Nathan. “Does this mean you’re done buying pregnancy tests?” he asked. Sorry Nathan, Once a P.O.A.S. addict, always a P.O.A.S. addict. I am obsessed with watching the beautiful lines get darker and darker. 

We have our first beta HCG test at seven days post-transfer on Thursday the 27th, and our second on Saturday the 29th. We should get the results on Monday, but all signs are already pointing to a healthy growing baby Kohl. 

We are thrilled that we are FINALLY pregnant. We are so excited, and can’t wait to see pictures of our little one growing!

doula kayla kohl

Kayla Kohl lives and works in Omaha, NE as a doula for The Omaha Baby Nest. She is passionate about supporting others on their fertility journeys and breaking the stigma around infertility and pregnancy loss. She is a new mom via embryo adoption.