Whether you’re scrolling through TikTok or Instagram these days, you’re bound to come across the “mental health walk” trend. A time when people take a break from their everyday stressors to go on a walk for the mere pleasure of leaving behind their troubles, maybe connecting with others, but definitely stopping to smell the roses along the way.

The best companion on these walks? Podcasts. While we may all have our favorite news or true crime podcasts, there’s also something to be said about those podcasts that help us feel less alone, while we take long, hard walks (both literally and figuratively).

What are the best infertility podcasts out there?

These podcasts humanize the 1 in 8 infertility statistics and host conversations about how those impacted with infertility or pregnancy loss can – or already are – navigating their journeys.  

1. Dear Infertility

Hosted by our very own Rescripted team, Dear Infertility gets into the nitty-gritty of fertility, infertility, and pregnancy loss. From coping with pregnancy announcements to what to expect during IVF, join Rescripted Co-Founder Kristyn Hodgdon as she, along with a new fertility expert each season, answers real-life questions related to the physical and emotional toll of infertility. The first-of-its-kind podcast is the audio advice column you’ve been looking for.

Listen here.

2. Infertility Sisters 

The hosts of Infertility Sisters are two best friends navigating their way through trying to conceive, and they’re graciously welcoming you into their friend group. During each new episode, the hosts focus on a new woman’s struggle with infertility, which offers listeners the opportunity to relate to someone different every week. 

Listen here.

3. The Egg Whisperer Show

Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh, also known as the Egg Whisperer, is a renowned fertility specialist who is deeply committed to empowering her patients and listeners with fertility literacy throughout their journeys. In addition to hosting other top fertility experts, she also taps into her own knowledge and patient experiences on her popular podcast. 

Listen here.

4. Sisters in Loss 

Black women experience miscarriage and stillbirth four times more than white women, according to the NIH and CDC. Host Erica M. McAfee holds space on her podcast for those who have navigated infertility and loss on their path to parenthood. Her goal with each episode is to offer fellow Black women the space to share their stories of grief to help inspire others to find an empowering path forward.

Listen here.

5. 40 and Infertile 

Infertility spans so many different identities, and this podcast specifically invites those 40 and over to be heard, held, and comforted as they navigate through their own infertility trek. 

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6. Fertility Docs Uncensored

This podcast’s call-to-action is clear: instead of turning to Dr. Google, turn to the fertility doctors uncensored. Each episode takes listeners through some of the big questions, concerns, or challenges that those navigating infertility may be facing. From their personal experiences as infertility patients, to what you can really expect from IVF, these doctors are covering it all (and they aren’t holding back).

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7. Infertility Feelings

Jesse and Doug have suffered from infertility without success for the past decade. Throughout their journey, they have been overwhelmed with a tidal wave of uncontrollable feelings. In this podcast, they break down all of the complicated emotions we feel during the struggle to grow our families.

Listen here.

8. If These Ovaries Could Talk

The path to parenthood looks different for everyone, and the two lesbian hosts of If These Ovaries Could Talk want you to feel welcome no matter what your family-building journey might look like. Recorded with humor and honesty, listeners will get to bear witness to all of the ways we can define “family.”

Listen here. 

So, lace up your sneakers, put on your headphones, and tune into whichever one of these podcasts speaks to you first. Infertility and pregnancy loss can be isolating, but you don’t have to go through it alone. These podcasts offer a new type of community support and a soft place to land when you need an instant friend who just “gets it.”

Vivian Nunez is a writer, content creator, and host of Happy To Be Here podcast. Her award-winning Instagram community has created pathways for speaking on traditionally taboo topics, like mental health and grief. You can find Vivian @vivnunez on Instagram/TikTok and her writing on both Medium and her blog, vivnunez.com.