The Guided Gratitude Journal


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Choose your own path to gratitude.

Deepen your practice with Joy in White and Rose Gold, Glory in a Sunshiny Yellow and White, or Align in Sky Blue.

It's easy to let anxiety and overwhelm take the lead in life. Take back the reins with the PleaseNotes Guided Gratitude Journal. Reduce the effects of stress and anxiety and tune in and amplify all the good things that are happening in life by creating a Gratitude Practice that's easy and effective. 

Built for every level of journaler, enjoy learning about gratitude and appreciation, how it affects you, and how to practice it in the little moments.  It also includes an exercise to help a person center down and feel at ease, and 100 gratitude prompts to help get started.  Start the day with inspiration as each page has a different Affirmation, Motivational or Inspirational Quote on the bottom of each page. 

Flip Through The Pages! 

Size: 10 x 7 inches - Paper: 100 GSM Recycled Paper - Cover: Animal-Friendly Super Soft Hard Cover  Includes: Elasticized Closure, Gratitude Workbook - Sturdy Back Pocket  Embossed Cover with "I Am Exactly Where I Need to Be" on the front and "Gratitude Journal" on the back.

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