needed Sleep + Relaxation Support


Science-backed, safe, and effective nutrients and botanicals to promote optimal sleep quality, relaxation, and overall cognitive health for mama.


Tastes like a lightly sweet and delicious Chamomile tea.


Fulfilled by our friends at needed.

Celeste Douglas

These little packs are a great start to a relaxing night routine! The chamomile infusion is slightly sweet and is perfect on it's own or with some honey. I've enjoyed a restful night's sleep every time I've made a cup of this tea!

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About the Brand

Nourishment beyond nutrition is needed.

97% of women in the US take a prenatal supplement, yet 95%+ are still deficient in key nutrients. We started Needed to meet our needs and those of every mama-to-be.

Our mission is to empower real nourishment in women (and men) on their journey to motherhood. We do this through helping mamas and mamas-to-be better identify their nutrition needs, creating supplements that truly work in meeting those needs, and building a supportive community of like-minded mamas and trusted health practitioners.