Paloma Health Thyroid Nutritionist Consultation Paloma Health Thyroid Nutritionist Consultation begins with possible root cause Paloma Health Thyroid Nutritionist Consultation works to reverse nutrient deficiencies Paloma Health Thyroid Nutritionist Consultation works to identify dietary triggers

Paloma Health Nutritionist Consultation


Try a thyroid-friendly diet with the help of a thyroid nutritionist

The more dietary stress you put on yourself, the more likely you are to experience inflammation that can worsen your autoimmune reactions and interfere with your thyroid function.

$75 for a 30-minute consultation

How Can Nutrition Help Support Thyroid Health?

A Possible Root Cause: Because the thyroid gland is highly nutrient-dependent, poor nutritional status is one of the root causes of thyroid dysfunction.

Reverse Nutrient Deficiencies: Key nutrients drive thyroid hormone production. Nutrient deficiencies can worsen symptoms and prevent thyroid medication from doing its job.

Identify Dietary Triggers: Dietary triggers can lead to increased gastrointestinal permeability, chronic inflammation, and a possible elevation in thyroid antibodies that would show the presence of Hashimoto’s.

Personalized Dietary Guidance & Health Coaching

Your Paloma Health Coach is your on-demand nutritionist, accountability partner, and cheerleader all in one!

Whether you need help jumpstarting stalled weight loss, understanding your protein requirements, or just need a bit more encouragement, they are there to guide you to success. Your Paloma Health Coach is always just a message away.

How Nutrition Plays A Role

  • Some nutrients (iodine and tyrosine) provide the building blocks of thyroid hormones.
  • Minerals (selenium, iron, and zinc) help convert T4 (inactive thyroid hormone) to T3 (active thyroid hormone).
  • Selenium can also help reduce thyroid peroxidase (TPO) antibodies, which when elevated, cause damage to the thyroid
  • Zinc is needed to help your body gauge thyroid hormone levels and tells it to increase production with levels are low.
  • Nutrient-dense, plant-based foods provide nutrients that support the body’s ability to detoxify harmful substances (e.g. endocrine disruptors like BPA, pesticides, and heavy metals).
  • Omega 3 fats provide cellular membrane integrity which protects them from becoming damaged and enables your cells to communicate well with each other.

Nutritionist visits are available in all states except: Kansas, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Tennessee, Wyoming

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