woman using Natural Cycles Birth Control woman using Natural Cycles Birth Control woman using Natural Cycles Birth Control

Natural Cycles Birth Control


Take control of your fertility

  • 100% Hormone-free
  • No unwanted side effects
  • FDA Cleared & CE Marked

Comparing birth control effectiveness

It's important to consider the effectiveness of your birth control. No birth control is 100% effective so when it comes to effectiveness there’s typical use and perfect use. Perfect use is when a method is used perfectly (i.e. no user error), whereas typical use includes user error and method failure.

Natural Cycles is just as effective from your very first day, as when you've been using it for years. However, the algorithm gets to know your cycle better over time.

Natural Cycles is 93% effective with typical use and 98% effective with perfect use (i.e. no unprotected sex on fertile days).

Why are so many women choosing hormone-free birth control?

There’s no-one-size-fits-all for birth control and we all have different experiences. For some, hormonal contraception is a great option. Others who can't take hormonal birth control or get unwanted side effects may choose a hormone-free birth control option instead.

While Natural Cycles is not the only non-hormonal birth control method, it is the first birth control app to be cleared by the FDA in the United States, and the only to be CE marked in Europe. It is over 2 million registered users.

Do I have to change my routine to use NC birth control?

To use NC° Birth Control, you need to be able to measure your temperatures most mornings when you wake up or sync your temperature trends with an Oura Ring.

If you forget to measure, the app doesn’t get any less effective, you might just get more red (fertile) days. For those with certain conditions that affect temperature, or those with irregular cycles, NC° Birth Control may also give more red days if it cannot easily find ovulation.

What to consider before changing birth control

If you’re using condoms or a fertility awareness-based method, the good news is that you can get started straight away! However, hormonal birth control often works by stopping ovulation, so you’ll need to stop using hormonal birth control before switching over.

Still wondering if NC° Birth Control is right for you? The app has a handy demo mode that lets you try the features out before you sign up for a subscription.

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About the Brand

The first FDA cleared birth control app, putting power in the palm of your hand. Skip the pharmacy, no prescription needed.