Labcorp OnDemand Men's Rapid Fertility Test


Interested in learning about and managing your reproductive health? Find out, no doubt.

When it comes to figuring out fertility concerns, uncertainty is a huge hurdle for any couple. So we’ve made men’s fertility testing easier than ever—with the ability to test and get results right at home—so that you can get the answers you need to move forward with clarity.

Our FDA-cleared test allows for fast, easy and private assessment of two key factors in male fertility: sperm concentration (one way of estimating sperm count) and semen volume. Sperm concentration and semen volume are only two factors that could impact your fertility status and chances of conceiving. For a complete assessment of your reproductive health, consult a physician.

What's Included:

Included in this kit are a sample analyzer, containers, and droppers used to measure your sample at home


Wait 2 to 7 days without ejaculating before collecting a sample. Do not use condoms or lubricants when collecting a sample. The Owner’s Guide included with your testing kit provides more details about preparing for your test and collecting your sample.

Fulfilled by our friends at Labcorp OnDemand.