They say it’s the thought that counts when it comes to gift-giving, but we all know how loved we feel when we receive a gift that is truly meaningful or helpful. For someone struggling with infertility, being given a thoughtful gift can make all the difference during a tough day, week, or even year. 

But for someone who hasn't dealt with infertility, finding a meaningful gift for a friend in the thick of it can be easier said than done. How do you show someone you're thinking about them, while also honoring the physical, mental, and emotional rollercoaster they're currently navigating? 

The Best Gifts for Someone Struggling With Infertility

Here are ten gifts we recommend for a loved one experiencing infertility that will help them feel thought of, seen, and understood:

1. needed Sleep + Relaxation Support

Perfect for before, during, and after pregnancy, needed's Sleep + Relaxation Support supplement is made of chamomile powder and can help your loved one stay calm and rested through the ups, downs, and added stress of infertility.  

Why it’s the perfect gift: 

From seemingly endless doctor's appointments to medication side effects, it can be hard to relax, let alone get a good night's sleep when you're constantly thinking about the what-ifs of infertility. This gift will show your friend or family member that you care about their mental health and well-being, while also giving them a practical (and delicious) way to practice self-care during this time. 

needed Sleep + Relaxation Support

2. InCircle Fertility (In)Fertility Cards of Affirmation

A healthy mind and attitude are important pieces of the infertility journey, and everyone needs a pick-me-up now and then. These beautifully designed (In)Fertility Cards of Affirmation will encourage your loved one during the moments of pain, anxiety, and confusion that will inevitably arise on the bumpy road to parenthood. 

Why it’s the perfect gift: 

When you care about someone who is experiencing infertility, you might not always know what to say when they're feeling low or experiencing situational anxiety. Gifting these cards allows the affirmations to do the talking and gives your friend or family member something to comfort them when you’re not around or don’t have the proper words. These cards are also perfect for anyone who considers their love language to be “words of affirmation.”

InCircle Fertility (In)Fertility Cards of Affirmation

3. MyVitro Essential IVF Support Kit Plus

This IVF Support Kit by MyVitro includes a caddy, a shot station, two hot and cold packs, a travel case, an injection trainer, TTC bandages, and an exclusive slim fridge box, all designed to help IVF warriors manage and organize the seemingly endless (and expensive) medications used throughout the process. 

Why it’s the perfect gift: 

This kit is a practical must-have for anyone experiencing infertility, especially if they're "Type A." Buying them something that will help them stay in control and on track with their treatment plan shows that you are aware of the challenges they are dealing with and the effort they are putting in to grow their family. If your loved one thrives on being organized, this is the perfect gift for them. 

MyVitro Essential IVF Support Kit Plus

4. ELANZA Wellness Fertility Coaching

For anyone who finds that the path to parenthood isn’t a straight line, this coaching package from Elanza Wellness includes four sessions with a board-certified fertility coach as well as 12 weeks of digital content to help them along their unique family-building journey.

Why it’s the perfect gift: 

We always say, "you don't know what you don't know" when it comes to infertility. The Elanza Wellness Fertility Coaching Plan can provide the additional support needed in order to know what to expect and stay the course during fertility treatments. Whether due to monetary or geographical restrictions, many people are also unable to access fertility-specific mental health services. This gift can help bridge that gap for your friend or family member, allowing them to receive the care they deserve. If your loved one enjoys talking things out, this is the perfect gift for them. 

ELANZA Wellness Fertility Coaching

5. Hope Candles by Paige Tranquility + Palo Santo Soy Candle Duo

This delicious-smelling, natural soy wax candles are handmade by Paige Alamorian, a woman who started the candle company to fund her journey to becoming a mother after being diagnosed with unexplained infertility.

Why it’s the perfect gift: 

We especially love this gift because it supports another couple on their IVF journey. Infertility can feel really lonely, so any opportunity to establish a sense of community and belonging is powerful. Sharing the story behind these candles when gifting them to your loved one can do just that. And not only do they help another fertility warrior, they also smell delicious and are all-natural. If your friend or family member is an Enneagram 3, this is the perfect gift. 

Hope Candles by Paige

6. Cure Hydration Ginger Turmeric Hydrating Electrolyte Mix

Hydration is key when it comes to optimal fertility, and Cure Hydration was named the Best Hydrating Drink Mix by Women’s Health Magazine. 

Why it’s the perfect gift: 

Infertility is exhausting. This Ginger Turmeric Hydrating Electrolyte Mix can help provide an energizing boost when it's needed most, while also keeping your loved one well-hydrated. Ginger and turmeric are also 'warming foods,' which in Chinese Medicine are recommended to help support the implantation of an embryo during the two-week wait. Win, win! 

Cure Hydration Ginger Turmeric Hydrating Electrolyte Mix

7. The Adventure Challenge: Friends Edition

Because sometimes, you just need a little bit of fun to take your mind off of your fertility journey! The Adventure Challenge: Friends Edition includes 50 scratch-off adventures perfect for besties or a whole crew of friends. 

Why it’s the perfect gift: 

The days can be long when you're experiencing infertility, and it’s easy to get caught up in the everyday slog of treatment plans and stress. This gift is great for anyone in your life who is looking for a fun distraction, and can help take away some of the mental load that comes with trying to plan something exciting. If you want to see your loved one smile, do something silly, and have a really great time, this really is the perfect gift.   

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The Adventure Challenge: Friends Edition

8. FertiCalm App

Created by two reproductive psychologists to help people who might not have the time, money, or geographical access to receive infertility counseling, the FertiCalm App can help your friend or family member find calm with over 500 custom coping options for over 50 situations specific to the family-building journey. 

Why it’s the perfect gift: 

Similar to the affirmation cards above, this app is a great gift because it does the supporting for you. When you don’t know what to say to help your loved one calm down and cope with their current emotions and anxieties, this app allows them to hone in on the specific situation that is causing them distress and find a coping mechanism that actually works. We also love that it was developed by psychologists with very specific knowledge about the infertility journey. This is an incredibly thoughtful gift for anyone having trouble dealing with the emotions surrounding pregnancy announcements, baby showers, and more. 

FertiCalm App

9. PleaseNotes Guided Gratitude Journal

The practice of gratitude journaling can be a healthy way to get your feelings down on paper and discover a more positive mindset, even in the midst of overwhelm and anxiety. The PleaseNotes Guided Gratitude Journal is built to make the practice easy for even beginners and includes 100 prompts that will teach your loved one how gratitude affects them and how to practice it daily. 

Why it’s the perfect gift: 

It can be nearly impossible to find gratitude in the midst of a difficult fertility journey. Gifting this journal shows that you support your friend or family member's mental health journey as much as their physical journey to parenthood. This is also the perfect gift for anyone who might benefit from writing out their feelings or taking some quiet time alone.  

PleaseNotes Guided Gratitude Journal

10. Thula Tula Brush Strokes Throw

Who doesn’t want to curl up with a cozy blanket in front of a fire or their favorite TV show? This sustainably and ethically made throw is hypoallergenic, machine washable, and perfect for indoor and outdoor use. 

Why it’s the perfect gift: 

Gifting a soft, sustainability-sourced blanket is almost always a win! For your loved one experiencing infertility, this gift can help them feel loved and cared for. It’s like giving them a big warm hug, even when you can’t be there in person. This is a great gift for someone whose love language is “physical touch,” “quality time,” or simply needs a beautiful reminder that there are people in their corner cheering them on.  

Thula Tula Brush Strokes Throw

A thoughtful gift can brighten anyone’s day, and this is especially true for those riding the emotional rollercoaster of infertility. Be sure to visit Rescripted's marketplace for even more great gift options for anyone working to grow their family. 

Kassi Strong is a writer and digital marketer who lives in Montana with her husband and son and their fluffy Great Pyrenees. She's passionate about helping women live the lives they dream of living and loves to create content that inspires them to do so. When she's not typing away at her laptop or color-coding her planner, she's likely trying a new DIY project, spending time in the mountains, or enjoying a local craft beer.