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“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.” -Brené Brown

At Rescripted, we believe that we're better together than we are alone. Sharing our stories can not only help others who are struggling feel less alone, but it can also help us find our own voice and, in turn, find hope on our fertility journeys. 

We are looking for 800-1,000 word stories reflecting on the insights and issues you’ve experienced on your fertility journey, and the wisdom you’ve gained along the way. They should address a specific pain point of trying to conceive, infertility, or pregnancy loss that you have been through or are going through right now; and they should offer some sort of takeaway for the reader. If selected, they will be featured on Rescripted's website and social media channels. 

Examples of great Rescripted stories:

9 Ways I Have Found Gratitude Through Infertility

An Open Letter To My Friends & Family About My Struggle with Infertility

With your submission, please include a short bio with relevant links, as well as any fertility-related photos that you feel comfortable sharing.

Thank you in advance for sharing your story for consideration, and for helping us rescript fertility, together.