When you think about it, human reproduction is actually incredibly inefficient. Add in a PCOS diagnosis, and it can be even harder to achieve your family-building goals. According to data from the World Health Organization in 2012, there are over 116 million women affected by Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, so if you’re here trying to figure out what to do next, take heart knowing that you're not alone.

Check out this article to learn more about the relationship between PCOS and infertility, and continue reading to explore a few of our favorite products for those trying to manage their symptoms and get pregnant with PCOS.

What are the best products for PCOS?

1. LetsGetChecked PCOS Test

Taking control of your reproductive health can be difficult when you’re dealing with the hormones associated with PCOS. This is especially true if your PCOS goes undiagnosed. This hormone testing kit by LetsGetChecked will help you better understand your hormones and overall health with a quick finger prick and saliva sample. Here’s what it tests for:

  • Testosterone
  • Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)
  • Free Androgen Index (FAI)
  • Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
  • Luteinizing Hormone (LH)
  • Cortisol

Once you send in your sample you will be able to view your confidential results from your phone in two to five days. Have an FSA or HSA card? You can use it to purchase this product

letsgetchecked at-home pcos test

2. Proov Predict & Confirm Kit

PCOS can impact your menstrual cycle, making it difficult to accurately track your fertile window. Without the ability to pinpoint ovulation, it can be hard to know when you’re most likely to become pregnant. If you’re getting a little tired of the prescribed “sex every other day” without knowing when the 'right' time is, The Proov Predict & Confirm Kit can not only help you identify your most fertile window, but their FDA-approved pDG test can confirm that ovulation actually occurred. 

In fact, a clinical study shows that elevated PdG on specific days after suspected ovulation (during the implantation window) is associated with a 92% chance of successful pregnancy, compared to only a 19% chance in those with lower PdG levels. You can even view your Proov Predict and Confirm Kit test results on your phone through their app for added convenience. 

proov predict & confirm kit

3. Pollie Virtual Program for PCOS

Pollie is an app designed to help menstruating people manage their complex chronic conditions. And if you have PCOS, their 3-month virtual program can assist with streamlining your PCOS care. 

With Pollie, you will be paired with a dedicated care team who will discuss your symptoms, lab results, goals, and preferences with you in order to create a personalized PCOS care plan, which includes everything from nutrition advice to supplement suggestions. Pollie's Virtual Program also gives you unlimited chat access to your care team in order to help you reach your goals and better understand your highly-personal experience with PCOS.    

pollie virtual program for pcos

4. Molecular Fertility Myo +D -Chiro Inositol

Myo +D -Chiro… what? Don’t be frightened by the scientific name: this supplement is designed to help support balanced hormone levels, ovulatory function, and egg health. Inositol is a molecule found naturally in humans and can be found in some foods, but many people — especially those with PCOS — might not have optimal levels for the normal structure and function of various bodily systems. 

Molecular Fertility Myo +D -Chiro Inositol is a perfect combination of Myo + D-Chiro inositol in the body's natural 40:1 ratio, which has been shown to be more effective than either form of inositol alone. 

Molecular Fertility Myo +D -Chiro Inositol

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5. needed Omega-3+ For Women

Did you know that 97% of pregnant women in the US take a prenatal supplement, and yet 95% are still deficient in key nutrients? Omega 3s from food and fish oil supplements have been shown to support overall health and fertility. needed's Omega-3 (DHA+EPA) supplement also includes Choline, Lutein, and Zeaxanthin for added benefit, all of which have been found to boost your baby's brain development during pregnancy. Another bonus? The capsule is bergamot flavored. No fishy smell here, friends.  

needed Omega-3+ For Women

6. Semaine Health Bundle: Cycle Self-Care Set

Bloating, Cramps, Mood Swings, Oh My! This self-care set includes two amazing-and-necessary dietary supplements from Semaine: PMS and Period Support and The Daily. PMS and Period Support help you get through the bloating, cramps, and mood swings associated with that super fun time of the month, and The Daily is great for balancing your hormones, smoothing your skin, stabilizing your mood, and curbing cravings.  

Semaine takes women’s health and period pain seriously, and their natural, plant-based products prove it. Their super cute green and peach packaging doesn’t look bad on your nightstand, either.  

Semaine Health Bundle: Cycle Self-Care Set

Whether you’re new to a PCOS diagnosis or have been working to manage your symptoms for a long time, Rescripted's marketplace is full of carefully-vetted products designed to help people on a journey to grow their families, both now and in the future. We also have a whole segment of our content library dedicated to personal stories and education on PCOS. The bottom line? You don't have to do this alone; we've got you. 

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